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Wider Horizons is the programme that Year 8 pupils follow after they have completed their Common Entrance examinations in June.


The key ambitions of Wider Horizons are to give pupils the opportunity to make sense of their place in the world as they make their next step to their senior schools and to make a meaningful and positive impact on their environment and the people who live in it, whilst giving them a worthwhile, interesting and enjoyable final month at Kenton.


Activities vary from year to year but are a mix of residential and non-residential trips, as well as various initiatives staged at school. Recent examples include:


Residential Trips

  • Climbing Mount Kenya

  • White-water rafting on the River Tana


Day Trips

  • The Forest - adventure sports centre

  • Karura Forest

  • The Nest Children’s Home

  • Oasis Kindergarten

  • Kitengela Glass Factory

  • Matbronze Foundery

  • Brown’s Cheese Factory


In School

  • Year 8 Play

  • Teaching Assistants for Junior pupils

  • Careers Talks (including Law, Journalism, Conservation)

  • Cookery

  • First Aid

  • Salsa

  • Gardening

  • Building Owl Boxes

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