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Sport at Kenton plays an important role in the day to day life of each and every pupil. We offer a wide range of different sports to help cater for all abilities and interests. The main sports that are played include Cricket, Hockey, Netball, Football and Rugby. 

There are also a number of different sports for all pupils to enjoy such as Athletics, Swimming, Lacrosse and Golf among many others. We like to believe that sport is for everyone, regardless of ability, and that the more sports the pupils have to try out the more enjoyment they will find during both their PE lessons and their DIVs sessions in the afternoons. 

Each pupil will attend an hour of PE each week, as well as three scheduled sports practices a week and one afternoon of inter-school matches. There are also daily opportunities for pupils to enjoy optional practice sessions before school, during lunch and after school.


There are a number of different opportunities for each and every pupil to represent Kenton on the sports field. We play regular matches against all of the other IAPS schools in Kenya, as well as competing in many swimming galas and athletics meets throughout the school year. As well as representing their school, pupils often get selected to represent the region of Nairobi and also the country of Kenya, most notably in the UK Rugby 7s and Netball tours each year where a selection of pupils from schools around Kenya compete in National UK tournaments against the very best schools.

Pathway to Excellence:

We often have a number of pupils attaining Sport Scholarships to many schools both here in Kenya and in the UK to schools such as Millfield, Bryanston, Sherborne, Peponi and Hillcrest.

At Kenton we have a number of expert coaches as well as the regular sports staff who help pupils to get the absolute best out of their abilities. From Year 4, pupils who show exceptional potential are invited to attend additional sport-specific sessions as part of our Elite program.

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