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At Kenton, pupils have the opportunity to go on a number of different residential and non-residential trips. The trips will very much have a distinct purpose; for example, they may be linked to an area of the curriculum currently being studied, they may build on skills learnt during Afternoon Activities or they may take the form of a year group team-building and bonding exercise. The trip programme is regularly reviewed to ensure that the experiences provide as much benefit as possible to all pupils from both an educational perspective and in terms of promoting their personal growth. 


Junior School


In the Junior School, pupils go on a number of different non-residential trips which are closely linked to topics that they are studying in class. These include trips to Nairobi National Park to look at habitats, to the Elephant Orphanage to look at animal conservation, and to the Railway Museum to study the importance of Kenya’s railway line, as well as to art galleries in Nairobi.

Senior School


In the Senior School, pupils take part in a variety of residential and non-residential trips. Those closely linked to the curriculum include visiting an archaeological site at an early man site and hiking up Mount Longonot, a dormant volcano in the Rift Valley. Residential trips tend to focus more on developing pupils’ personal and inter-personal skills. Where possible, these are closely linked to skills learnt in Afternoon Activities as part of the Kenton Award. Indeed, as pupils progress through the senior part of the school, the challenges of these trips gradually increase, culminating in the Wider Horizons programme undertaken by Year 8 pupils after their Common Entrance examinations.


Recent trips include visiting Ol Pejeta Conservancy, camel trekking, white-water rafting, skiing and climbing Mount Kenya.


Pupils are able to link skills learnt and achievements gained whilst on trips to their Kenton Award record.

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