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At Kenton a four House system operates, with every child being a member of a House, and all academic staff being attached to a House.

Each House consists of some 65 - 75 pupils, evenly spread between pupils in Year 2 and Year 8.

The four Houses, with their representative colours for recognition, are:

  • Bongos (Yellow)

  • Elands (Blue)

  • Kudus (Red)

  • Oryx (Green)


The general ethos of the House system at Kenton is to provide a feeling of identity for all pupils, to provide another link in the pastoral care chain and also to encourage pupils to participate fully in as many of the varied inter-House competitions as they can.

House meetings take place weekly in order that progress in the Merit Competition can be followed and arrangements can be made for any House involvement in school business at the time.


Although the Merit Competition is the most closely watched and public House event at Kenton, and many pupils do well for their House by gaining Merits, there are several other inter-House events, just as important in their own way.


Throughout the year, competitions are arranged between the Houses in a number of varied areas. Points gained by each House are carried forward to the end of the year in order that the ultimate accolade, the Grigg Cup, can be handed over to the “Cock House” on Speech Day.


Each House at Kenton has two House Parents responsible for writing a House report for each child (twice a year) and coordinating entries for any inter-House competitions.

Events take place throughout the year as detailed below:



Michaelmas Term                                                       

  • Athletics

  • Cross-Country

  • Cricket

  • Rounders

Lent Term

  • Hockey

  • Swimming

Trinity Term

  • Rugby

  • Soccer

  • Netball

  • Tennis

  • Arts Festival

Kenton Parents are most welcome to attend inter-House events. If you decide to lend your support, you might like to enter into the spirit of the occasion by dressing in your child’s House colours.

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