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The curriculum followed in the Junior School is based closely on the English National Curriculum.

A morning in the junior school
Taking a stroll around the Junior School, there appears to be a lot of excitement coming from the Year 4 block. It is the middle of their Tudor Day and the children are completing Wattle and Daub creations (material used on the walls of Tudor houses) and are about to take to the school grounds for their Tudor Feast.
It has been advised that we stay clear of Year 2; Ms Stovold and the team are digging for dinosaur fossils… who knows what they will find!
Next door in Year 3 it is all quiet. I wonder why? Of course, they are out on their annual trip to the Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage. This trip links into their Geography topic that focuses on life and tourism in Nairobi.

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