The teaching of ADT at Kenton College provides a rigorous creative environment, where the multiplicity of art, design and making activities are experienced in order to develop perceptual skills and lead to visual and tactile sensitivity.

Art, Design and Technology education should be a progressive course to develop an understanding of ADT as laid down in the National Curriculum. The course should encourage pupils to discover the depth and significance of art, craft and design within both their own or other cultures past and present. Pupils are encouraged to learn about art, artists, crafts, designers, materials and making through investigation, designing, creating and evaluating. Where practicable visits to exhibitions and workshops are made.



To provide a broad based curriculum, which allows all pupils the opportunity to develop skills for:


  • 1.Confident self-expression

  • 2.The application of visual and tactile techniques to create images and artifacts

  • 3.development of new ideas, concepts and attitudes

  • 4.The appreciation of artists and artistic styles.


In order to attain the aims for ADT the objectives are as follows:

  • 1.To nurture creativity and self-expression

  • 2.To create a well planned safe and stimulating environment for pupils.

  • 3.Guide pupil's decision making in seeking appropriate solutions.

  • 4.To stimulate ideas and discussion among pupils.

  • 5.To teach the pupils to use and care for the equipment and facilities correctly.

  • 6.To help the pupils discover and explore links between ADT and other subjects.

  • 7.To encourage pupils to be able to engage in both individual and group projects


Kenton College Preparatory School