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  • Pupils have specific Wellbeing sessions with their Form Tutor every Friday afternoon. 

  • The themes of the Wellbeing sessions are eclectic and are enjoyed by the pupils as they reflect on their own wellbeing in the comfort of their form group and tutor. 

  • In the Junior School (Yr 2 - 4), Wellbeing is embedded in all activities. 

  • The Wellbeing Team is composed of: The Deputy Head Pastoral, Head of Juniors, Junior Coordinator, Head of Year 5 & 6, Head of Year 7 & 8, School Doctor, School Nurse, Matron and the School Counsellor. 

  • This team works cohently to monitor and respond to the Wellbeing of all pupils. 


Pastoral Care:


  • Pastoral care is at the forefront of Kenton College’s ethos. 

  • We firmly believe that safe, happy children are in a much better position to achieve their goals and dreams. 

  • Pastoral care is overseen by the Deputy Pastoral, Head of Juniors, Junior Coordinator and all Form tutors/class teachers. 

  • This team works closely with the Wellbeing Team to ensure that every child’s needs are met and that pastoral issues are dealt with swiftly and effectively in a caring and supportive manner. 


Values / Character Strengths:


  • The school underpins it’s ethos with 3 pillars: Honesty, Courage and Respect. 

  • In addition, each half-term has an additional focus. 

  • This focus value is explored in lessons, assemblies and all activities, culminating in a celebration of pupils who have demonstrated significant progress in their understanding of the value. 

  • This value is shared with parents and displayed in all classrooms. In addition, pupils are taught the values of tolerance and democracy through a variety of activities, including a host of positions of responsibility that our pupils are given and mentored for throughout their time at Kenton College. 

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