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Science at Kenton aims to inspire pupils to gain a deep knowledge of the world around them. We purposefully transform laboratory Science into a fun and interactive learning experience that links Science to real life phenomena and issues which equips our pupils to become scientifically literate.



Junior School Science aims to equip pupils with a broad range of knowledge and skills in order to prepare them for Senior School.  The lessons enable pupils to apply their knowledge of Science to real life phenomena, question and discuss the science-based issues that may affect their own lives. Through fair tests and developing methodological processes, pupils explore a range of exciting topics and scientists using technology and hands-on learning.


Through a well-planned and rigorous curriculum taught by subject specialists in 2 well equipped Senior Laboratories, the department steers all pupils towards the Common Entrance Level 2 examinations in Biology, Chemistry and Physics as well as preparing them for secondary school science by producing:

  • scientifically literate, critical thinkers who employ the scientific method

  • pupils who understand the importance of scientific accuracy

  • pupils who can solve problems and use time to think about solutions

  • pupils who are adept and familiar at using a wide range of scientific apparatus. 

  • pupils who have a lifelong enjoyment of Science 

  • pupils who achieve scholarship awards & excellent C.E. examination results


STEM Mornings and Science Fairs

Through Kenton’s STEM mornings and Science Fairs, pupils learn to make connections between knowledge and skills in different discipline areas, for the purpose of investigating and solving real-world problems. Both programmes culminate in a presentation of pupils’ work to their peers, explaining the solutions they have created.


The active learning approach of  the STEM Mornings and Science Fairs develop our learners’ independent design and problem-solving skills, resulting in resilient pupils who embrace risk-taking and adventure with their learning.

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