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All members of staff at Kenton College are totally committed to safeguarding the welfare of children and young people at the school.


Ms Sally Weston


Miss Kelly Stovold 

Deputy Head,Head of Juniors, Bongos 

Ms Stephanie Donaldson 

Deputy Head Academic, English, Bongos 

Mrs Rachel Hulland 

Deputy Head Pastoral, English

Mr James Scott

Deputy Head Organisation, English 

Mr Peter Nderitu 

Assistant Deputy Head, Geography 

Head of Year 8


Ms Beryl Achieng

Teaching and Learning Assistant (EY)

Ms Victoria Akoth

Teaching and Learning Assistant (EY) 

Miss Esther Anai

PE Assistant and activities (EY) 

Mrs Alison Bannerman

Head of Languages 

Ms Katarina Birakos 


Mr Dennis Bwye 

Mathematics, Head of Year 5

Mr Andrew Coulter 

4C Class Teacher 

Head of Year 4

Ms Emma Evans

Head of Physical Education,

Head of Year 6 

Ms Thea Harley 

Head of History, Able and Talented Lead,

8H Form Teacher,Oryx 

Mr Chris Haynes

Head of Design Technology 

6H Form Teacher

Mrs Faye Joshi   

2J Class Teacher, Kudus 

Ms Dina Jura 

 3J Class Teacher  

Mr Benard Kamana 

5K Form Teacher, Humanities 

Mrs Njeri Kibunja 

Class Teacher (EY)

Ms Doris Lewa 

Class Teacher (EY)

Ms Elsie Macawuor

Teaching and Learning Assistant (EY) 

Mrs Lucy Maina

Head of Learning Support 

Miss Sharon Mageria 


Mr Sammy Likoko 

PE and activities

Mr Oliver Mangeni 

7M Form Teacher

PE Teacher, Humanities 

Ms Melissa Mathu  

5M Form Teacher

English, Maths, Humanities 

Miss Sophie Mbochi  

Head of Girls’ Sport,

Head of Kiswahili 

Ms Fridah Miriti  

French and Spanish Teacher 

Mrs Michelle Moss-Gibbons 

Head of Year 7, Mathematics,


Mr Thomas Muchemi  

Head of Boys Sport, 8M Form Teacher, PE, ICT & Kenyan History, Elands 

Mrs Rachel Mugambi 

English, 5M Form Teacher,


Mr Kevin Mwita  

Music Teacher

Ms Carol Ng’ang’a  

Music Teacher (EY)

Mrs Grace Njogu   

4N Class Teacher

Ms Evelyn Nyambura   

Teaching and Learning Assistant 

Ms Belinda Odongo  

 2O Class Teacher

Ms Caren Odhiambo

Teaching and Learning Assistant (Y2)

Mr Francis Oludhe  

Director of Music, Bongos 

Mr David Ongaya

Head of ICT 

Ms Vida Opiyo

Teaching and Learning Assistant (Y4)

Kiswahili and KHAC

Mr Walter Oyogo

Teaching and Learning Assistant (Y2)

Mrs Kirsty Russell 

Head of Year 3, 3R Class Teacher,

TLA Mentor, Kudus 

Mrs Kanval Sagoo  

Junior School Science Coordinator

3S Class Teacher 

Ms Arti Shukla

 Class Teacher (EY)

Ms Lulu Sloane 

Curriculum Leader (EY)

Mrs Melissa Stevens 

Head of Art 

Mrs Florence Sweetland 

2S Class Teacher 

Head of Year 2

Mrs Keziah Thiong'o  

Early Years Pastoral Lead and Designated Safeguarding Lead. 

Ms Petnah Wabomba   

4W Class Teacher 

Mr Mickey Wanjala  

Teaching and Learning Assistant (EY)


Miss Faith Wangeci  

Teaching and Learning Assistant  

Miss Ivy Warui 

Head of Kenyan History, 7W Form Tutor, Elands 

Ms Patience Wesonga

Teaching and Learning Assistant (Y3)

Ms Ann Mugwe 

Teaching and Learning Assistant (EY)

Ms Maureen Nyambura

Teaching and Learning Assistant (EY)

Mr Ricardo Omae 

French and Spanish Teacher 

Mrs Sarah Ruhling 

Head of Science, 8R Form Tutor 

Mr Kanwal Singh 

Head of Mathematics

Ms Jeanette Sy

 Class Teacher (EY)

Ms Milka Wangari

Class Teacher

Ms Immaculate Wijenje 

Mathematics,7J Form Tutor


Mrs Nureen Yakub 

Teaching and Learning Assistant 

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