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ICT & Computing

At Kenton we take information technology, communications technology and computing seriously. The skills we teach are not just for the ICT Lab but are to help students across all subjects and throughout their lives. 



In the Junior School there is a focus on the skills needed to use technology to support their learning. This includes the teaching of office applications and presentation software, as well as touch typing and use of Google Classrooms – Kenton’s online learning environment.
Google Classroom skills include the use of cloud storage, instant communication and message board usage. In addition to this, pupils cover many units of work introducing them to programming and code. iPads are provided for Years 2,3 and 4 and remain in school.  The iPads are used across the curriculum in different subject areas.  ICT lessons for the Junior classes are dedicated to teaching them the skills necessary to use the iPads effectively and to increase their understanding and confidence.  


In the Senior School the curriculum changes a little. Pupils still use Office and design skills but as part of bigger projects. Pupils are encouraged to become more independent in their learning and use the help provided to further their skills. Video Editing, Graphic Design, Music Production and Animation are amongst the ICT topics taught and Web Design, Game Creation and Robotics are part of the computing side of the curriculum. iPads used in Years 5-8 are purchased through the school.  These iPads are taken home but should always be brought into school ready for lessons.  The pupils will carry their iPads to all subjects as they will be encouraged to use them.

 The staff and school at large are not left behind. We have an ICT trainer who carries out regular workshops for staff on current and emerging trends in ICT to ensure the school is up to date on technology. In addition the technical team constantly reviews and upgrades the school infrastructure to meet international standards on an annual basis.

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