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  • Is the iPad covered by a warranty?
    Yes. Unless otherwise stated the iPads are covered by a 1 year warranty. This covers the iPad, its battery and the software installed. The warranty does not include the iPad case and tempered glass protector.
  • What happens if my iPad charger stops working?
    The iPad charger is considered a consumable and is, therefore, not covered by the warranty. This would need to be replaced by the parent.
  • What happens when if my iPad case is Damaged?
    The iPad case is considered a consumable as it durability is dependent on the level of care taken on it. Any damaged cases must be replaced by the parent.
  • What happens if my iPad is damaged while under warranty?
    Any damaged iPads within the warranty period, will be repaired/replaced as applicable by the supplier where the damage is not as a result of negligence. Where possible and circumstances allow information will be transferred to the new device.
  • What is the procedure if an iPad is misplaced?
    Report this to the ICT department as soon as possible. iPads are easiest to track and recover whilst they have charge and connected to an internet connection.
  • How do I go about claiming for a lost or stolen ipad?
    Where applicable, you will be required to submit 1. a statement of events 2. Police abstract reporting the loss 3. Photos if the theft/loss was as a result of a break in 4. Any items that are recoverable (charger and charging cable, case, packing box)
  • Why am I being asked to replace a damaged tempered glass protector?
    Where applicable, any insurance claims are dependent on the iPads have sufficient protection from reasonable damage through use of a tempered glass protector and suitable rugged case.
  • What if I choose not to replace a damaged case or tempered glass protector?
    Where applicable, any iPads that do not have sufficient protection are deemed to be in breach of the terms of insurance cover and will not be eligible for an insurance claim.
  • Can I replace a damaged case/tempered glass protector with any other case?
    No. Any damaged cases must be of the specification that is approved and may be reviewed by the ICT department.
  • Can I replace a damaged case myself?
    Yes. However, the replacement case/ protector must be vetted and approved by the ICT department.
  • Can I install a personal case for my child's iPad?
    No. In the interests of uniformity, all iPads designated for use as school equipment must be uniform and similarly specified.
  • Can I bring in a personal iPad for use in school?
    No. All iPads designated for school use must be specified and configured by the ICT Department to ensure they have the necessary controls and profiles that allow management and safeguarding.
  • What happens when my child leaves the school?
    All iPads of leaving pupils must be brought back to the ICT department for the management profile to be removed. This cannot be done remotely so arrangements must be made before the pupil leaves the school. All information on the iPad will be lost and backups must be made before the device is brought in.
  • Can I take out my own insurance on the iPad?
    All parents are encouraged to take out their own insurance on iPads.
  • Can I provide an iPad my child in the junior school?
    No. Pupil owned iPads are only for senior pupils (Years 5-8). Junior pupils are provided iPads as classroom resources (which are not taken home).
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