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The Kenton Award aims to bring together all aspects of the co-curriculum under one umbrella and, at the same time, reward pupils for their efforts and engagement across a range of different areas. Pupils will be challenged to work both individually and as part of a team, and to show enthusiasm, initiative and resilience. They will be instilled with the confidence to try new things and not be afraid of failing; the goal being to mould and develop well-rounded and empathetic young people who have the potential to be successful in whatever they choose to do in the future.




Participating in the Kenton Award will:

  • Allow pupils to take ownership of their co-curricular profile within a framework of encouraging involvement in a wide breadth of activities

  • Promote resilience through challenge, where pupils are allowed to fail in a safe environment and learn from their mistakes in order to grow

  • Encourage individuality whilst also promoting leadership skills and the importance of teamwork and effective communication

  • Raise pupils’ self-esteem and awareness of their mental health so that they are able to cope with life’s challenges

Structure and Awards


All pupils in Years 2 to 7 will participate in the Kenton Award. The culmination of the award at the end of Year 7 will assist in the appointment of Head Boy, Head Girl and Prefects. It also allows Year 8 pupils more time to focus on their Common Entrance examinations. Year 8 pupils will follow a separate Life Skills programme in preparation for beginning at their senior schools.


The programme is split into five key areas - The Big Five (see opposite).


Pupils will work towards the following awards:


(The orchid is the national flower of Kenya and the rooster and the lion appear on Kenya’s Coat of Arms)


Every year, one pupil in each year group who has demonstrated excellence in all areas of the programme will be given the year group Buffalo Award.

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