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The staff, pupils and parents of Kenton College are aware of their privileged and fortunate position in a city in which the majority of people live in poverty and do not receive any basic services at all.

The school feels that although giving to any worthy cause can make a small difference there is only long term impact if we sustain our donations to a select number of charities.


By doing this it is more meaningful for our children and we can keep them in touch with how their money is being spent.


At present we are helping The Butterfly Trust - a hospice charity doing incredible work with terminally ill families in Kenya. The proceeds from Bake Sale's, the World Book Day and the profits from the School Disco have helped pay hospital bills and pay for carers and equipment for people who are terminally ill and have noone else to help them.


In addition the school support the 'The Nest' children's charity in Limuru and visit the Oasis Kindergarten in Kibera.

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