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Each pupil at Kenton will enjoy an hour long lesson in P.E. each week. During this lesson they will be challenged with a number of different games and skills throughout the year.


During  Michaelmas Term the pupils will cover all areas of Athletics, both field and track events so that they can engage in learning a broad range of skills. Results will be recorded and used to seed  events during Sports Day. The Juniors will also focus on some coordination and motor skills based games to prepare them for the increasing challenges they will face throughout their time at Kenton. The Seniors will enjoy an introduction to Lacrosse as well as playing some striking and fielding games.


Moving into the Lent Term, Swimming and water survival skills will be introduced to the pupils as they are tested in the pool and will learn how to survive during a number of different situations. They will be asked to swim in their pyjamas in order to learn how to survive in the water while wearing clothes. Outside of the pool they will enjoy a host of different types of invasion games, learning crucial teamwork and leadership skills.


In the Trinity Term the focus will  move to Cross-Country, Gymnastics and Health Related Fitness. The pupils will begin to learn the importance of staying fit and healthy and understand the effects that exercise has on their bodies. Inter-House Cross-Country will take place this term and the practice that the pupils have during  P.E. lessons will help them to show their best efforts on the day. Basic Gymnastic skills will be learnt and eventually put together into a routine for the class to watch and give feedback.


Over the course of the year each pupil will experience a variety of different games, and situations, some that they will be familiar with, and some that will be new to them. During each activity, the pupils will be guided  by the specialist P.E team who will offer teaching and learning feedback, encouragement and support to all pupils.

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