The safety and happiness of the children at Kenton College is our prime concern.

A child who feels secure and at ease will be in a positive frame of mind for learning. As well as helping children to achieve their academic potential, we intend that they leave us as fully rounded individuals, happy and confident to meet the challenges of the next stage of their lives.


All our staff are concerned with the wellbeing and pastoral care of pupils, but the first point of contact in most cases is the form teacher. This is particularly the case with junior forms, who have the majority of lessons with their form teacher. In the senior school, form teachers register their classes daily and have form time and a Wellbeing(PSHE) lesson with them at least once a week.


Kenton College prides itself on the Wellness Centre which is comprised of the “San” (occupied by our resident paediatric doctor), the treatment room and the Quiet Room - a place designed for our pupils to retreat and reflect if they are having emotional issues of any kind. In addition to this, the school Counsellor is available to help pupils.


Form teachers build a positive relationship with each pupil in the form and encourage positive relationships between the pupils themselves. Wellbeing(PSHE) is an obvious opportunity to discuss social issues and explore ways to develop positive attitudes and behaviour, but all activities at Kenton, are organised with this all important aim in mind. Form teachers are also concerned with monitoring the day to day organisation of the class: taking the register, checking uniform and equipment, monitoring effort grades, merits and non-merits and chasing up absences. Form teachers also write a report twice yearly on each child’s behaviour, attitude and social involvement at Kenton.


In the event of a disciplinary or social issue, another member of staff will make the form teacher aware and at that point the form teacher may take the matter further. The next point of contact for juniors is the Head of Juniors and for seniors the Lower (Years 5 & 6) or Upper (Years 7 & 8) Senior Coordinators. The Deputy Head Pastoral oversees pupil welfare and behaviour at Kenton and will be involved in serious breaches of the school rules. From there, issues would be taken, if necessary, to the Headmistress.


At all times, we aim to support pupils and engage in constructive dialogue to correct behaviour. The outcome we hope to achieve is that Kenton pupils take responsibility for their own behaviour.


At Kenton, we encourage regular communication with parents. It is very helpful if parents follow the lines of communication described above: form teacher, then Head of Juniors or Lower/Upper Senior Coordinators, Deputy Head Pastoral, then the Headmistress.

Kenton College Preparatory School