Maths at Kenton is an interesting, multi-faceted subject. There are many demands on this subject not just in the academic sphere (C.E, Science, Geography, ICT) but also teaching the children to be able to handle the ordinary day to day situations that require Mathematics. Thus the aims of this department are controlled by these requirements.


The Junior School Maths Department’s main aim is to provide children with a solid foundation of core mathematical skills in order to enable a smooth transition to Senior School Maths, where they will begin the Common Entrance Mathematics syllabus. The children are challenged with a mastery approach that develops their core understanding of mathematical skill,  vocabulary and literacy. In lessons, linking and applying Maths to real world problems, the encouragement of reasoning skills, fluency and development of a growth mindset approach to solving problems all ensure that children of all needs achieve progressive and continuous growth in this subject area as well as a lifelong love of mathematics. The children are encouraged also to be aware of their own goals and target setting to support their journey through junior school. 


The Senior School Mathematics Department aims to increase enjoyment, resilience, understanding and attainment in maths. Pupils work towards the Common Entrance Exams whilst developing a passion and love for maths. This is achieved through a mastery approach that develops pupils’ conceptual understanding of mathematics so that it can be applied to a variety of real life situations, using complex reasoning and correct mathematical vocabulary. In lessons, pupils have rich mathematical discussions, build resilience through complex problem solving and develop their fluency in mathematical methods with the main focus being on pupils acquiring a deep and long-term understanding of maths.