At Kenton we take information technology, communications technology and computing seriously. The skills we teach are not just for the ICT Lab but are to help students across all subjects and throughout their lives. 

We believe that pupils must be able to adapt to a society, which is served by an ever increasing use of ICT related processes. This involves developing a pupils ability to use technology effectively, creatively and autonomously across the whole curriculum, but also developing an awareness of their personal responsibilities when using ICT to access wider resources and when communicating with others.


At Kenton we aim to:

  • Ensure that pupils are confident, competent and independent users of ICT

  • Motivate and inspire pupils to raise standards through the use of ICT

  • Develop an appreciation of the use of ICT in the context of the wider world

  • Provide continuity and progression in all the strands of the ICT National Curriculum

  • Develop ICT skills through curriculum contexts

  • Develop problem-solving, analytical, creative and investigative skill

  • Encourage care for and respect of equipment

  • Develop an awareness of online safety and responsibility


All pupils at Kenton College receive discrete ICT and Computing lessons throughout their 7 years at the school. The programme of work, where possible, is based on the English National Curriculum but continually reviewed and developed to keep up to date with the latest technology.


In the Junior School there is a focus on the skills needed to use technology to support their learning. This includes the teaching of office applications and presentation software, as well as touch typing and use of Google Classrooms – Kenton’s online learning environment. Google Classroom skills include the use of cloud storage and email and message board usage. In addition to this, pupils cover many units of work introducing them to programming and code. iPads are provided for Years 2,3 and 4 and remain in school.  The iPads are used across the curriculum in different subject areas.  ICT lessons for the Junior classes are dedicated to teaching them the skills necessary to use the iPads effectively and to increase their understanding and confidence.  


In the Senior School the curriculum changes a little. Pupils still use Office and design skills but as part of bigger projects. Pupils are encouraged to become more independent in the learning and use the help provided to further their skills. Video Editing, Graphic Design, Music Production and Animation are amongst the ICT topics taught and Web Design, Game Creation and Robotics are part of the computing side of the curriculum. iPads used in Years 5-8 are purchased from school.  These iPads are taken home but should always be brought into school ready for lessons.  The pupils will carry their iPads to all subjects as they will be encouraged to use them.


E-Safety is an important part of our curriculum in ICT and Computing. Within the ICT curriculum we cover the practical aspects of E- Safety and focus on how to use technology safely. The department also works closely with the coordinator and topics such as online behavior, and using social media responsibly are covered through lessons.  All pupils will be made aware of the rules of safe Internet use and notices will be displayed in classrooms. No personal or electronic devices are permitted apart from school iPads.


Each year, we take part in The Young Programmers competition held at Peponi.  This allows our pupils a chance to network with like minded pupils from other schools as well as allowing them to have to opportunity to display their skills. 

Kenton College Preparatory School