The subject of English is vital to development in all subjects, an essential skill for adult life as well as being a source of life-long pleasure.  We aim to give our pupils an appreciation of the range of uses of the English language, pleasure in its richness and diversity, and the ability to communicate effectively in both speech and writing.

Junior School : Year 2-4

Pupils at Kenton are encouraged to be as creative as possible in their study of English, whilst at the same time, building a solid foundation of technical skills upon which they can rely once they enter the senior part of the school. In the junior school at Kenton, pupils study English for 7 hours a week in mixed ability classes. There is no formal English homework at Kenton in the junior school, but pupils are expected to read at home and practise spelling activities with the help of their parents or guardians.  We encourage learning partnerships between school and home.

Senior School : Year 5-8

In the senior school at Kenton College, the study of English is still considered to be one of the pupils' core skill areas, so 5 hours a week are devoted to English lessons.

In Year 5, pupils are often still cementing their technical foundations in English, but it is here that independent reading is really encouraged and the study of literary forms widens considerably. By Year 6 Kenton pupils are ready to embark upon the Common Entrance syllabus.

At Kenton, we choose to follow the Common Entrance syllabus. Being an internationally recognised course, it provides a high quality structure of English skills to be learnt , with a great deal of freedom for the teacher, where they can broaden pupils' English experiences in the classroom. Year 8 pupils take their Common Entrance exam in June.  Common Entrance English is a rigorous, yet stimulating course and we are proud of the hard work and attitude of our pupils, which reflects in their results. Pupils achieve results and begin secondary school in local British, American and Kenyan Schools, as well as a range of UK schools. Each year we have pupils that apply for local or international scholarships, and so we support them through extra scholarship classes ensuring they are ready to sit these examinations that are taken earlier in the school year. 

Learning in English

The English Department meets regularly, and carefully looks at each cohort, and creates mixed English groups of roughly the same size. Children deemed to need some extra support in the subject may be placed in a slightly smaller class for more individual attention.  We encourage expression and creativity from every pupil in these English groups, ensuring that children who struggle with English on a technical level are not stifled creatively.  

Kenton College has a stimulating library, bursting at the seams with colourful books for all ages.  Pupils are encouraged to spend their free time there, and are able to borrow books on a weekly basis. World Book Day is celebrated each year. Past focusses have included a whole school fantasy book, written and illustrated by each class, Year 2-8; celebrating local authors and using the Book Creator app on our iPads to create a Roald Dahl style story.

As well as English work in the classroom, we engage in a great deal of creative work outside the classroom. Kenton College enters pupils for a number of competitions throughout the year, including verse and public speaking competitions, an annual drama competition across the IAPS schools and Illustrated writing competitions, where the Art department and English department work closely together. 

Kenton College Preparatory School