Drama plays a big part in every child's life at Kenton. From the Nativity in Year 2 to the senior school production, every child gets a chance to be on stage.

The Year 2 Nativity play is one of the highlights of the Michaelmas term. Every Year 2 child takes part and it is always a colourful, delightful afternoon for audience and children alike.

Every class performs an assembly with a message of their choice; the Juniors, on a Thursday morning and Seniors on a Friday afternoon. 

Alternate years there is a senior or Junior production, incorporating casts of up to 90 children. Recent productions have been environmentally themed musicals such as ‘Ocean Commotion’ and ‘Big Momma.

’ Senior Productions have included ‘Ali Baba!’, ‘Bugsy Malone’, ‘Oliver.’  Pupils who wish to explore off stage participation in such shows spend time making props, working on scenery and being part of the back stage crew.

Drama is also used creatively across the curriculum at Kenton.  Battle re-enactments in History lessons, writing scripts and performing additional parts of stories in English, and using techniques to explore characters, just to name a few. Specific techniques are introduced and explored through Drama afternoon activities, and our aim is to use this tool not only achieve an objective, but for the pupils to have fun!