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Kenton College has a Christian ethos and this is reflected in its assemblies, which occur three times a week. One of these assemblies takes place on a Friday afternoon and parents and visitors are warmly invited to participate.

During our assemblies prayers are recited, hymns are sung and a multitude of school activities are discussed, reported on or performed. The focus of each assembly is usually a moral teaching which may be presented in a variety of ways, including drama, question and answer sessions, a story or a discourse.


It is an important aim of Kenton College to instill moral codes of behaviour and a system of values in our children, which will hopefully hold them in good stead for the rest of their lives. These lessons are then reinforced in every aspect of school life, including important weekly PSHE sessions in a classroom environment, where children are given the opportunity to discuss moral and behavioural issues with their peers.


Although Kenton follows the Judeo-Christian tradition, we are fully aware that we live in a pluralistic society and, indeed, this is reflected in the religious profile of the school. We are very conscious of the fact that we count many Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs amongst our pupils and parents, as well as many Christians. Moral values, tolerance and humane, caring behaviour to others are common teachings in all World Religions.


Our curriculum gives our pupils plenty of opportunity to express themselves about their own faith and to understand one another’s faith.Religious Studies has an important profile in the school curriculum and it is taught throughout the school. The Judeo-Christian Scriptures are our main source of study, but World Religions also feature prominently in our syllabus. Many lessons are discussion based. It is an important aim of the school to develop in our pupils, the ability to think for themselves and to express their opinions with confidence.


They are encouraged to recognize the relevance of Scripture Teachings of all faiths to contemporary issues in their families, schools, communities and in the wider world. Moral and ethical behaviour to all people are important themes in our discussions. It is hoped that a detailed study of religious people in Scripture and of prominent individuals, whose faith has inspired lives of courage and service to others, may develop an awareness of the importance of showing love, in the religious sense, to our neighbour.


Kenton pupils are encouraged to be proactive in the field of helping the less fortunate. The school is involved in many charitable projects and fund raising activities; Save the Children, The Nest, Good Life Home, the Kigulu Home in Kibera, to name but a few. Our children should be made aware of how privileged they are and how it is their duty as human beings to help the deprived, the sick and the weak. We hope to instill a strong sense of humaneness in our children.A spiritual dimension in our lives is not only about an awareness of good and evil, moral behaviour, helping others and religious worship. It extends to the realm of an appreciation of beauty, of an awareness of our own and other people’s talents and gifts.


There is plenty of scope at Kenton College to develop those aspects of our spiritual lives. The multifarious artistic, musical, theatrical and sporting activities which proliferate throughout the school day, ensure that our children get a really rounded and balanced education which, we hope, will produce caring, tolerant, aware individuals, who have a huge capacity to appreciate beauty and to find joy in all aspects of life.

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